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Nortel Miscellaneous Contracts

Project Year: 2004

Kanata Block A/B Security Hardware
Kanata Block A/B Security Hardware

Kanata Block A/B Security Hardware

To modify the entrance and exit controls to various locations at the Kanata site. Work included relocating badge readers, installing glass break detectors, security hardware and various automated controls.

Project Value: $20,940.00
Contact: BLJC

Lab 3.2 Acoustics

Lab 3.2 Acoustics

The project consisted of increasing the sound proofing between offices, boardrooms and public corridoors to prevent sound transmission between areas. Work involved the taping and sealing of all drywall baffels above the T-bar ceiling, as well as insulating the joint between the baffels and the T-bar ceiling. Door seals and door bottoms were also installed to decrease the sound transmission.

Project Value: $24,803.00
Contact: BLJC

Lab 6 AT&T visit

Lab 6 Refresh in Preparation for AT&T CEO Visit

To provide access from the multimedia lab to the sound proof studio. Work consisted of the installation of four plasma screens, patching and painting, installation of new carpet and the reworking of the ceiling.

Project Value: $10,850.00
Contact: BLJC

Lab 5 Tower

Bell Office, Lab 5 Tower 1

Scope of work included painting, lock replacement. carpet repair, installation of power and data and the supply and installation of a card reader, mag lock, programming and electrical power.

Project Value: $18,738.00
Contact: BLJC

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