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CSA Chamber Removal

Value: $100,000
Project Year: 2005

In an effort to gain valuable floor space at The Canadian Space Agency’s David Florida Labs testing facility, CSA-DFL hired PCS General Contractors (PCS) to remove an existing Thermal Vacuum chamber (15’ in diameter, 40’ high) located in the clean room area that had been installed many years prior.

The chamber was originally installed by having it lowered into its existing position prior to install the roof components for the building. Through various expansions, the chamber could no longer be removed in the same manner as it was installed. Adding to the complexity of the removal, the vessel was to be salvaged for reassembly and therefore required PCS to remove it in as large as sections as possible. All works were completed in a clean room environment without interruption to the testing that was being conducted nearby. Through close cooperation with sub-trades, PCS coordinated the complex removal of the chamber and the reconstruction of the concrete floor to gain the valuable floor space. The work coordinated and performed by PCS included the installation of temporary lifting beams, temporary enclosures for protection and smoke control, structural steel and metal deck, concrete and reinforcing steel supplied and installed, flooring, painting and fire protection.

Canadian Space Agency
Magdi Farid
(613) 998-2494
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