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Nortel Glazing Unit Replacement

Value: $212,000
Project Year: 2006

PCS General Contractors were engaged by Nortel to replace 111 defective Visionwall Glazing panels from the Nortel Carling Site. The scope of work required the removal of the existing glazing units varying in size from 4’ wide x 1’ high to 10’ wide x 6’ high and replacing them with new units.
The Visionwall units were scattered throughout the campus and were located at varying elevations from the ground. Some units were at ground level while other units were 30’ above the ground. In collaboration with our glazing contractor, PCS planned, coordinated and oversaw the removal and installation of the units. In a true team effort, PCS forces erected scaffolding on the inside of the building to provide access for the glazing contractor’s personnel to perform the work required on the inside, while the glazing contractor performed the exterior work off an articulating boom. All the window replacements were completed while the facility was still in operation.

Contact: Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls
Brian Prosser
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