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Carleton University Eyewash Station Installation

Value: $289,950
Project Year: 2008

PCS General Contractors was awarded the contract to install 105 eyewash stations in 35 different buildings scattered around the campus. The eyewash stations varied from counter top units to full shower units. Plumbing for each unit was dependant on the available water supply lines and varied from connecting into existing lines, to finding and plumbing lines from 150’ away.

Given the varying conditions, some of the waste water required holding tanks and sump pumps to evacuate it to the nearest possible drain line. Several locations required coring, excavation, backfill and new concrete topping to complete the required work.

Work was coordinated with the existing lab users to ensure that interruptions to the labs were kept to a minimum.

Carleton University
Kevin Lee
(613) 520-2600
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